Humanoid Robot Arm 3D

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  • Quad-based mesh.
  • PBR Textures, 4k maps included: Base color, Metallic, Normal_OpenGL, Roughness.
  • There are 4 skins included in the textures: Custom, Silver, Gold and Plastic. Also the variation without stickers of the Plastic, so that it can be edited to your liking.

This asset is scaled and aligned with the M_410 base, also the bones of the rig match the one of the base to be able to connect them easily. In case it helps, I've included a jpg with some tips for optimally merging the arm into a base.
More renders in my ArtStation artwork: Link.

I posted this asset on my Payhip store a while ago. I'm posting it now on Gumroad in case anyone finds it more convenient, and also to keep all my stores up to date.
I hope you like it and enjoy it!

Base M_410

Some of the materials I used and edited for texturing were created by Javad Rajabzade: Metal and Plastic.
Images used for the stickers:
Ovni Image by Gogohsantosa on Freepik
Spaceship Image by Xvect intern on Freepik
Ice cream Image by gohsantosa2 on Freepik
Ray Image by upklyak on Freepik

Please, read carefully

Terms of use:

- Commercial license is valid for completed avatars/models only.
- Make it clear to your customers that if they want to use the asset in their projects (personal or commercial) they must purchase it themselves from my store. Otherwise, they will not be able to use them.
- You must credit the product with a link to my store.
- You are allowed to partially edit the model, as long as the original version is recognizable.
- You can edit the existing textures or create completely new ones.
- Edited or not: You are not allowed to sub-license, resell or rent it. Protected under Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

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.rar file with: .FBX with the H_RobotArm, textures set, readme file.

Unique Materials
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Humanoid Robot Arm 3D

2 ratings
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