Free Outfits

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  • Quad-based mesh.
  • PBR Textures, 4k maps included: Base color, Emissive, Metallic, Normal, Roughness, Opacity.

**Thanks for so many downloads!**
Hi all! I'm sharing these models that I made a while ago, but I think there are more people who can enjoy them.

As a thank you for all the support I've received since joining the VRC community last year, these models will be released for free to anyone who wants to use them, edit them, etc.

The option to add a payment is only for those who want to continue supporting! In case of using it commercially, it will not be necessary either.

I hope you enjoy these outfits in your projects!

Jacket, Top and Skirt:
This set has an emissive variant, I include both texture options in the files.
Polys/Vertices: 28.340

Urban Outfit:
There is also a flat version of the normal map without the scratches on the pants.
Polys/Vertices: 14.310

(Keep in mind that these outfits are not rigged, and if you want to edit the textures you must use the normal map since the Highpoly details are baked there)

These outfits fit my base F_160 (Not included in these files). You can take a look at it from here:

Base F_160

Free Outfits © 2022 by Rhoda is licensed under Attribution 4.0 International

I want this!

.rar file with: both .FBX outfits, textures set, readme file.

Unique Materials
1 (Per Outfit)
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Free Outfits

143 ratings
I want this!