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Female Base F_860

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3D Base Mesh

  • Quad-based mesh.
  • Lowpoly model with optimized retopology, baked maps from highpoly base.
  • Twist bones for legs/arms and Wiggle bones for breast and butt.
  • PBR Textures, 4k maps included: Base color, Normal (OpenGL), Roughness. (Includes 12 tones variations)
  • Symmetrical UV map.
  • Includes "Heels version" of the base in the .Blend file and also as a separate FBX file.

I'm very excited to finally publish this model. Happy to be able to contribute to different projects with this base. I really hope you like and enjoy it!

I tried to achieve a sensual and defined silhouette but with a softened shape of the muscles, emphasizing the hips and playing a bit with the proportions.
As for the nails, I made two alternative versions with separate meshes so that you can merge the one you prefer to the base. As you can see on the UV map, each side of the nail has its own space in the same texture. By default they will be painted white so you can easily edit them to your liking.
Polys/Vertices: Short Nails: 1340; Long Nails: 1260.

Please, read carefully

Terms of use:

- For commercial license, you have to register your Discord tag properly at checkout.
- Commercial license is valid for completed avatars/models only.
- Make it clear to your customers that if they want to use the asset in their projects (personal or commercial) they must purchase it themselves from my store. Otherwise, they will not be able to use them.
- You must credit the product with a link to my store.
- You are allowed to partially edit the model, as long as the original version is recognizable.
- You can edit the existing textures or create completely new ones.
- Edited or not: You are not allowed to sub-license, resell or rent it. Protected under Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).
- Do not use this base in free/public/nitro models or projects.

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You will receive a .rar file containing: .FBX and .Blend (V3.2.1) with A-pose low poly; set of textures; readme file.

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Polys/Vertices (Without Nails)
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Female Base F_860

17 ratings
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